kenfortes children art class oil pastels
What is Reproduction Art?

At initial stages children or adults start their Drawing journey by copying others Artworks or Drawings.

And it is easy to copy a 2D drawing than to create Art on their own. We begin to Draw by copying others drawings / paintings and try to  reproduce the same as it is, which we call Reproduction Art.

What is Representational Art? or Figurative Art? 

The Visual art that represents the aspects of reality, in a obvious way.

For example If an Artist paints a landscape or a still life or some flowers as real as we all see it is a representational or figurative Art. .

His Art will be representing the same colors and forms of the reality what we can see around. It is kind of a photographic style

 The most well known of all Art students who learned by reproduction was

the Great master Painter Leonardo da vinci who painted the famous Mona lisa.

The Abstract Art is termed as non-representational Art