Designer Fish – Dwija crayon art , kenfortes art school

Dwija crayon art image BTM jp nagar art class kenfortes

I, Dwija created this art work using crayons at Kenfortes art school Btm layout. I created my own designs on the big fish and felt it was lonely so I added more fishes around it to make a school of friendly fishes.

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  1. the shading is nice it would more nice if you would put lit blue for the water

  2. Dwija, I am reminded a quote on friendship by Hellen keller , on seeing your description about your picture mentioning friendly fishes. I felt to share this thought.

    “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.”
    Helen Keller – Author

  3. Dwija it’s just mind blowing.What you have said is really right when a person is lonely he\she feels the need of a friend or a companion to encourage them.All the best wishes in the world for your coming success your well wisher Akila Christ school.

  4. your drawing is mind blowing

  5. Dwija its colourful work

  6. Dwija nice fishes

  7. Dwija its really good

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