Anyone can draw and paint at kenfortes fine arts painting & crafts classes jp nagar bangalore goa

How I can do painting if I knew walking !!  Is drawing or painting related to walking ?

Yes! Anyone can paint beautifully!

if one can balance in 2 legs and walk  – Is that so easy ?

It is not that easy for an infant who walks in 4 limbs suddenly to get up and walk in 2 legs. Yes walking needs lot of practice to balance with 2 legs. For a beginner to know how to handle pencil and brush it requires a certain balance of the mind and hand. we shall start with – what is Art.

I try defining ART with these simple words 



Throw out 




  •  Acquire  Re-create  Throw out  (A R T)

    • We continuously Acquire several things from outside world ( visions / images, sounds, Gustatory tastes, smell, emotions,  feelings.. ) and  put in our mind which becomes a collection in our memory. This Acquiring is the  first step in any form* of Art creation.(*There are many art forms such as Visual art, culinary art, Performing arts, etc.)
    • The second is Re- creating from what we acquired through our senses. Everyone involves in some form of Recreation to relax , to refresh from routines. During Recreation our mind is free and creative.

    •   Anyone can be creative when one does any action not as a work but as a play or game. 

    At times on seeing something on the way, we may feel like to sing just for the sake of satisfaction not for some other benefit out of it.  And the same might not trigger any feeling for another person, the reason for such creative impulse can be the relaxed mind in that leisurely walk. The relaxed person has more ability to sense the Beauty all around.

      • Involving in Recreation to Re-create from the Acquired will be the second step. We Re create images or visualize  in the mind screen before weexpress through our language or actions. Here the Acquired visual memory supports to Visualise.  Every one’s mind casts a Mould. The Molding creates different tastes and Aesthetic sense in a person. No two Person has all tastes similar.
      • The third letter of art  -T is to indicate – Throw out or express , what we Recreated in our mind screen using a tool. We see the world through our mind filter, that is through our taught ideas. The parents, teachers, friends, all medias and whoever, whatever associated with us from our birth till now contributes to mould us. Then the resulting expressions will be based on such moulds which we call one’s uniqueness.
    • Everyone’s style of art are molded self expressions.

    • Nature casts every mould unique. People deviate from natural molding, trying to copy others. Forcing to mould yourself or children will deform the beauty of healthy natural growth. The Capability of being original will be lost, also  dissatisfaction results by forcing to fit in others mould.

 Those who are capable of creating, not only replicating or reproducing are labeled  as Artists. Those are the creative people who can understand Art , teach art or help others to feel art and aesthetics.


Kenfortes Art Academy works to give an integrated Art education where our right and left brain functions are balanced.

Art has two aspects-

ART as science (inventing Techniques, spatial skills, creative thinking) and

Art as art (aesthetic sense of appreciating Beauty and feeling emotions from colors and forms)

An experienced artist can handle both aspects and impart art education to students.


Waldorf (Steiner) education is based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy. The pedagogy emphasizes the role of imagination in learning, striving to integrate holistically the intellectual, practical, and artistic development of pupils.

Waldorf Education

The Arts And Practical Skills

Arts and practical skills make their essential contribution, educating not only heart and hand but…the brain as well.

Waldorf teachers believe that the human being is not just a brain – but a being with heart and limbs – a being of will and feeling, as well as of intellect. To ensure that education does not produce one-sided individuals, crippled in emotional health and volition, these less conscious aspects of our human nature must constantly be exercised, nourished, and guided. Here the arts and practical skills make their essential contribution, educating not only heart and hand but, in very real ways, the brain as well.

The 9th grader who has learned to handle red-hot iron at the forge, or the senior who caps years of modeling exercises by sculpting a full human figure have, in addition to a specific skill, gained self-discipline and the knowledge of artistic form.

Students who have worked throughout their education with color and form; with tone, drama, and speech; with eurythmy as an art of bodily movement; with clay, wood, fiber, metal, charcoal and ink, have not only worked creatively to activate, clarify, and strengthen their emotions, but have carried thought and feeling down into the practical exercise of the will.

The whole human being-head, heart, and hands-has been educated by creative holistic education.

 Anyone can draw and paint kenfortes fine arts painting & crafts classes jp nagar bangalore jaya nagar bannerghatta road vijaya bank layout , panduranga nagar, H S R Layout


Anyone can draw and paint kenfortes fine arts painting & crafts classes jp nagar bangalore jaya nagar bannerghatta road vijaya bank layout , panduranga nagar, H S R Layout