Make Your First Impression The Best Impression When posting your Art work in any online Media

When your art works or images flashes in someone’s mobile it can create an better impression by just remembering a few things discussed below.

To remember before posting your pictures.


kenfortes-blog-how-to-shoot-clear-pictures1-e1563895558827[1]      kenfortes-blog-how-to-shoot-clear-pictures1-e1563895558827[1]

Rotating your image to vertical position ( head up ) and

publishing is better way of presenting your work in online media.


kenfortes blog how to shoot clear pictures

kenfortes blog how to shoot clear pictureSs









In the first picture we can see the Giraffe is horizontally

photographed and published as it is in a WhatsApp chat

In the second picture the Giraffe image is rotated upright

and published, Looks awesome. Choose the better way to publish.


kenfortes blog how to shoot center clear pictures





Hold the camera at the center of the picture to be shot ( However the picture is , vertical or horizontal format)and move back so the complete image is brought in the camera frame.



kenfortes blog how to shoot clear pictures4



Don’t click yet before you  make sure the camera is parallel to the picture to avoid angular pictures like this given below.

Now click if the camera is in center of the picture and moved back until to cover the full image and also parallel to avoid angular photos. 


kenfortes blog how to shoot clear pictures5



This image is shot in an angle, here the camera is not parallel and center to the Artwork



shooting in dark space





shooting in the dark spaces, makes your pictures grey and dark.

Crop the unnecessary background.

Always publish the images in vertical (Portrait Mode) format if you are posting to mobile social Apps. Rotate to right position & crop your pictures before publishing.

Minimize your uploads to 4 at one shot for WhatsApp groups.





Article for art lovers by Artist Suresh KENFORTES



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