ART TEACHERS WANTED for Kenfortes art school in Bangalore.

Are you an art teacher ? If so, we are glad to invite you to join Kenfortes as an art teacher / art instructor . Call and walk in for an interview, we are looking for male or female ART teachers with and without experience in teaching ART .  Well qualified senior artists will train young art teachers who needs experience.

Get trained as an art teacher and artist to be part of Kenfortes art academy.

Art teacher training course

This is a one year course contains 2 Levels

First 6 months includes Basics of drawing, sketching , painting , clay modelling , paper collage and paper sculpture , assisting a senior teacher ,

Understanding Why Art is important in our education ?

How Art is being applied in schools and colleges ?

Learning to apply Art psychology for school children and teachers.

Second 6 months advanced training on LIVE MODEL drawing , out door sketching, all painting mediums, knife painting, clay portrait sculptures, Art teacher training with practical experience working with students and art school internship experience, Preparation for full time art teacher certificate , Grades are assigned based on the performance in the art teacher training assessments. Our students are qualified as Art teachers with high teaching caliber .

Qualifications expected for drawing teacher to work in Local ART schools

Step 1:

Building visual Art Skills such as 

Pencil Drawing, sketching and shading skills, learn to copy and produce REPRESENTATIONAL  ART, with picture composition and 2 D ( 2 Dimensional ) color composition skills. initial color composition can be done in Dry mediums.

Get trained with Dry mediums

Practice with dry mediums like SHADING GRADE Pencils,  CHARCOAL PENCILS/ STICKS, WAX / PLASTIC CRAYONS, OIL PASTELS, SOFT PASTELS, WATER COLOR PENCILS, WATER COLOR SKETCH PENS, PEN AND INK WORK, BRUSH PENS, PEN RENDERING WORKS WITH ROTRING Isograph TECHNICAL PENS , MARKER PENS , Learn the Decorative Art – Ornamental and Textile Designs, Acquire product designing Basic skills and carton box outer Graphic design, News paper advertisement Layout Designs, Story Board clips, cartoon drawing, Drawing Animation cartoons and Graphic Art.

LEARN for Free hand outline model drawing / shading higher grade examination with KENFORTES .

Get trained with WET mediums 

 Developing Painting skills in WET MEDIUMS – water colors, acrylics, poster colors, oil painting on canvas, Live  Object model sketching, and Learning to convert Photographs into Line ART, Direct sketching from  Photographs., object drawing, still life painting, contemporary art.

     3D Model Making

clay modelling, paper crafts, Making Paper models from Basic forms like cubes , pyramids, to complex

structures, paper plane models, simple architectural house models.

  • Step 3: Complete Art Teacher training Program certified by KENFORTES ART ACADEMY, BANGALORE
  • Step 4: Obtain Art teaching experience as an internship Teacher’s Certification at Kenfortes JP NAGAR center.
  • Step 5: Gain Experience By Teaching to local children or Village children to enhance your skills.

KENFORTES intensive Diploma style short art course covers all Art and Basic design subjects.


Qualification required for drawing teacher to work with Private and Government Schools

  • Step 1: Develop a Range of visual Art Skills.- sketching , Free hand outline model drawing, Free hand painting skills in – different mediums water colors, acrylics, poster colors, oil painting on canvas, live model sketching, object drawing, still life painting, contemporary art, clay modelling, paper crafts and pass the FREE HAND OUTLINE MODEL DRAWING AND FREE HAND PAINTING LOWER AND HIGHER state government EXAMS. This is a Government certified exam you can get Training for this examination at KENFORTES Art Academy.
  • Art teachers should develop proficiency in various styles of visual Art , schools of art and subjects of fine art
  • Step 2: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in FINE ARTS from a Recognized institution or a Diploma in Fine art course. 
  • Step 3: Complete Art Teacher training Program certified by state government.
  • Step 4: Obtain internship ART Teacher Certification from a school by working as an internship Teacher
  • Step 5: Gain Experience by Private Teaching to local children to enhance your skills.



ART teacher jobs and art teacher wanted lists are many in India ( especially in Bangalore – Karnataka, Mumbai, Chennai, Coimbatore and in Cochin) but the proper art teacher training is lacking at many places, Art teacher has an important role in children education, as the ART is basis of Education system. we don’t use visualization techniques and visual memory enhancing methods in schools. A expert art teacher can help in such skill development among willing students

who is a Quality ART teacher?

A person capable of breaking complex subjects into simple steps according to the students level of understanding will be a good Teacher of any subject.

A good artist or a painter cannot be always a Good art teacher,  The Artist may be able to paint easily for himself a good Canvas, but MAY NOT BE ABLE TO CONVEY HOW TO PAINT IN EASY STEPS.

But a Good Art Teacher is a caring person who is capable of sharing his/ her skills and knowledge in an simple way to the student. It needs patience , communication skills and a little fun, teaching is not an all time serious business.

He is not only an Artist , But also a skilled person in imparting his Artistic knowledge to his Students in a creative way. 

Painting beautifully is an Art and Teaching art in an easy, understandable manner is another ART . So the Art teacher should be skilled in painting,  sketching and also in Art teaching skills.

Teaching skill includes understanding the psychology of the student and simplifying ideas and Art subjects in an easily understandable manner to the students. some sort of Tests are essential to check whether students understood or not. TESTING includes analysis of students art skills or artistic abilities. Students should be given opportunities to express his/ her visual Art skills and creativity as well. The Teacher should imply some tools to bring out the students skills in creative methods.


Diploma in painting art and crafts will be required for basic school students teaching.


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