In front of mirror drama by kenfortes art class jp nagar
Fun In front of the mirror drama by kenfortes art class jp nagar


Lungi dance by kenfortes student
Lungi dance from chennai express movie by kenfortes student


Actors – Sanath as Son and Nandan as his Father

A son bit lazy but very active in front the mirror is the attractive character in this skit.

Why is he active in front of the mirror ?  He loves his hair style and to make his hair style better and to decorate himself  he doesn’t bother to spend a lot much  time in front the mirror. The moment he sees any mirror he becomes happy and enchanted to look his own face. Before he sets out anywhere he does many things  in front of the mirror to make his out look attractive.

That funny postures before the mirror is a never miss comedy part of this skit. His busy father tries to wake him one morning so that he can drop him in school on his way to office. There starts the comedy of the skit and never ends even they meet an accident because of his meddling with the rear- view mirror of his dad’s car. On the way to school Just to adjust his hair style he turns the rear view mirror towards him and there starts the trouble … be here to enjoy the drama.   Students be here again next week for the new drama – The slow motion Friends and also the re – play of this ever green drama – FUN IN FRONT THE MIRROR – skit as well.

children fun dance at kenfortes art class
children dance in tune to the music at kenfortes art class

( Concept –  suresh artist kenfortes art class)

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