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Based on the frequent requirements from students abroad We have devoted a schedule to go online. The interested students who live out of India can benefit our art courses via Live Skype chat and Whatsapp follow ups. Throughout the full session the Art teacher will be guiding online. The benefited students by our Art course are from Australia, U.S.A, Germany,  Switzerland and Canada. We have designed a special online art course apart from regular art course which makes online learning better and easier. Online teaching requires certain tools and new techniques to handle the challenges of distance screen learning which will be explained during the start of the course.


Basics in Flat free hand drawing and Flat coloring, easy compositions, Drawing from toy models, drawing from imagination and also includes self expressive art.

Mediums used- color pencils, crayons, pastels, brush pens, water color cakes.


Free hand sketching and model drawing, 2D , 3D character creation , easy landscape painting in different mediums, out door sketching* and multi media painting as well.

For further details, students can call or WhatsApp to +919591593303.




When the Art teacher asks kids to draw a pig. kids does not seem to be very interested to reproduce the given picture. But when he asks to Draw a Peppa pig ( the Cartoon character ) they all are enchanted to draw that cartoon pig.

The Peppa character inspires kids to draw.

The inspiration is needed for adults as well, just the characters we are attached may be different

Why does certain character attracts ?

The character is live (animated) and speaks like Human along with some human or extra human ability which kids can relate with. So the kids are able to connect with the active Peppa pig very easily and get attached to it.  So they are fond of Drawing the characters which they like.

Children wants a story behind every object or subject to inspire them to get attracted to it. The attachment / liking towards a character just motivates to jump on drawing it. Efforts don’t bother them.

kenfortes peppa pig

That’s is the reason an Art teacher takes some time to tell stories during the class to inspire students to a particular subject . Yes the time is consumed for talks but the student is inspired to involve in the activity with interest. Uninteresting activity brings the feeling of forced and boredom. So the Art syllabus with the old examples is not interesting anymore to the evolving minds. As we have been adopting new techniques and updating to the current trends or subjects our kids and adult students enjoy our Art programs.


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  1. The Celebrated Artist, Picasso quotes-Art washes the dust off from the mind. That explains Art is a tool to Meditation.
    The problem is how to understand the true purpose of Art and use Art as a tool to refresh ourselves.
    So, it becomes essential to find a right Mentor who can guide us through the right kind of art process.

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