Nov 302018

Based on the frequent requirements from students abroad our team has devoted a schedule To satisfy the interest by Indian students who live or stay in abroad especially in Australia, U.S.A, and Canada we have designed a special online art course with basics in drawing, sketching and paintings in all mediums as well. For further details, students can call or WhatsApp to +919591593303.

When the teacher asks a child to draw a pig. He or she does not seem to be very interested to reproduce. But when he asks to Draw a Peppa pig they all are enchanted to draw even if the drawing is bit complex.

kenfortes peppa pig

Peppa inspires to draw

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  1. The Celebrated Artist, Picasso quotes-Art washes the dust off from the mind. That explains Art is a tool to Meditation.
    The problem is how to understand the true purpose of Art and use Art as a tool to refresh ourselves.
    So, it becomes essential to find a right Mentor who can guide us through the right kind of art process.

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