KENFORTES art school earlier called as KALAMANDIR started in 1996 

by Mr.Suresh, an artist, art teacher, designer & photographer. The institute being dedicated to art education employs simple, unique & friendly teaching methods. KENFORTES art school believes, through a living artist’s continuous inspiration it is possible to kindle the artistic sense with less effort. The artist’s presence as a guide along with rich Artistic environment will certainly help anyone to realize their own creative potential.  KENFORTES art institute besides producing skilled artists it works to bring out the Creative, Aesthetic abilities which are present in all people. The director has designed a unique art course which uses simple methods to suit for anyone making it practically possible to draw & paint with ease.  All the fine art courses are directly handled by him.


” The Process of making Art is a PLAY. 

But Many make Art as a serious work.

How to develop the ART skill in a NATURAL way?

Joyful involvement in the ART process helps in Natural skill development.

There is immense satisfaction in Exploring Visual Art,  Play with ART to FEEL & Connect with your Being”.

In fact, if one enjoys the process of making Art he/ she forgets time, that’s what happens in my class. Students say that they always go back home late as they completely forget to note the time when painting in class. They also express that they feel deeply satisfied when they enjoy what they are painting.                                                                – Suresh

That is the way to learn the most, that when you are doing something with such enjoyment that you don’t notice that the time passes. I am sometimes so wrapped up in my work that I forget about the noon meal.Albert Einstein

 The artist’s presence as a guide along with rich Artistic environment will certainly help anyone to realize their own creative


abstract colorlines - acrylics on canvas

Artist Suresh followed his passion which is Art & creativity although graduated in computer science. He emerged as an artist, graphic designer, art teacher & creative photographer. He founded kalamandir art academy in 1996. The deep fascination with Art made his self-learning easy. The Artist worked with a large number of children, college students and adults for more than 20 years, teaching, guiding and observing to make them just not well talented but to make every student understand the true purpose of art. Mr.Suresh specialized in portrait painting, later started working in contemporary and abstract style expressing human emotions & joyful moments of life. Long time sustained involvement in Children Art education adds to his specialization & expertise in this (children Art Mentor ) field as well. He pioneers in organizing exclusive children art exhibitions in Coimbatore.

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special short art courses for adult’s –  Drawing classes focusing live model portrait sketching (boy or girl models- there are many professional models who will pose for artists or art students ), pencil shading, out door sketching , pen & inksoft dry pastels , oil pastels, charcoal , Indian ink drawing, camel photo colors, water colors (can use winsor & newton , daler rowney or camlin kokuyo artist’s water color tubes ) on handmade papers, mixed media collage. pallete knife painting oil painting on canvas Alla prima – A single stretch painting on wet on wet.


about artist suresh art director of kenfortes fine arts class Bangalore. An art teacher, photographer, designer – kenfortes art institutes