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Meditative Art Programs


Buddha says what you imagine you create –  We know imagination involves visuals ,  one can learn how to use Visual Art as a tool to create better thoughts in our self. One can understand their strength and instantly come out of depression and low self respect.

National professional associations of art therapy exist in many countries . International networking contributes to the establishment of standards for education and practice.

These countries incorporates creative methods of expression through visual art media to deal with certain mental disorder. Art therapy, as a creative art therapy profession, originated in the fields of art and psychotherapy and may vary in definition. Art therapy is very much in practice from a long time.  ART AS THERAPY  plays its role as a stress reliever and Visual Art helps to recover many mind related problems.

It is essential to understand What is visual ART ?  How visual art enhances our imagination ?

what you imagine you create in your life.

As we open our eyes we see visuals allover , but do we call all that we see as an ART ?

  An Aesthetic person sees everything as Art, the Nature’s creation and all Human creation.

We see beautiful things and the opposite ( unattractive or ugly ) things as well.  As soon as we like something that we see , many of us try to acquire it or experience it .

It makes a memory . If one wants to share what he felt through painting , there the Art of reproduction begins, may be we can click a Photograph and share or Paint with vibrant colors, or write a Poem  in rhyming words describing that scene with our verbal skills. If that work of painting or poem is really impressive to People, they may recognize that work as a valuable piece of Art.

What is visual Art?


If a photograph or a Painting or a sculpture pleases or satisfies the viewer visually, that work is valued as VISUAL ART. That which gives a visual pleasure/ treat for the observer is valued as Art. It is the Aesthetic sense or sensitivity which we all possess that makes it possible to enjoy the pleasure through Visuals.

The TASTE we all develop gradually to appreciate a photograph or a painting as beautiful or not is based on our expansive sensitivity. If one is calm he/ she is very SENSITIVE to notice beauty ALLOVER the Creation.  THE WHOLE CREATION IS BEAUTIFUL, There is nothing UGLY ( some things are Ugly for the HUMAN MIND is due to limited sensitivity)

The mystical words – SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM means 

Truth, Auspiciousness (or Godliness ) and BEAUTY 

which all human beings experience. But valuing it , Recognizing it varies .

Understanding the balance between the two dualities – Beauty and Ugly, pain and pleasure, happy and sad, joy and misery,..  etc, is the basis of meditation. A Creative person learns Accepting the both whole heartedly ( it happens in higher stage of meditation) . Meditation through Visual Art helps Creating a balance in a person leading him to joy and YOGA (Yoga means union, Meditation makes us to  realize the union is always there )

Pablo Picasso

Regarded as one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century, says


“Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.”— Pablo Picasso



( A method of drawing patterns which pulls us to involve deeply into it without any stress )

Any one can do this art with no drawing skill , It requires a pen and thick papers of different kinds. The participants will be asked to create designs on their own. Initially they can observe some patterns made by others to get an idea of the concept, but the right way is not to copy from any where and not to plan any design in the mind.

One should try his/ her best not to depict only from the memory, the patterns created with instantaneous flow will be valued as original expression.

Gradually the participant will calm down and become meditative, They will be able to observe their life problems clearly and think easy solutions.

art as meditation and painting as therapy by kenfortes art



  What you       imagine

    you  create



Zen painting 

( A way of Free painting with Music and body movement, works as therapy that frees our mental stress )

It is , The painting happening from the body’s natural rhythm. This course also not requires any of painting , drawing or technical skills, If a participant is already skilled he has to unlearn (or not to use for that moment ) to make authentic expressions on his canvas. The art or paintings need not convey any meaning but it expresses the painter’s feelings. It is an personal expression of emotions and feelings through Abstract color forms. It lets out many hidden emotions. Observing The Nature with musical gaps ( Musical Art ) and allowing the body  to move on its natural rhythm along with music , is part of the program.

Spontaneous Art Play 

  • (Using Art – PAINTING, in a playful way to make us alert, that clears our confused mind )

is an Energy painting . Painting with spontaneity on larger canvas or wall or on any surface  , It helps to understand your present energy level. It is a catharsis process where all your suppressed energies flow out on canvas and makes one’s mind clear and active, to respond well to the present.

  • All the meditative Art programs make us understand –  

  • How anyone can practice art as a meditation,
  • How we are Using our power of visualizing to heal ourselves and also we understand how unconsciously we create depression for ourselves. So when we can create worries, we can create joy as well.. By consciously involving in Zen art process, we feel all the problems , worries, depression just vanishes.



” When the student is ready, the teacher will appear ” – Buddha

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear
and the teacher may disappear when the student is ready to be on his own – Kenfortes

yoga zen kenfortes quotes

About the meditation classes

The journey of a thousand miles should begin from single step – zen saying

                                        MEDITATION reveals  our own limitations, all that are set by ourselves,  Once we realize that we can do much more,  the willingness to break the limitation arises. –  kenfortes ( coloring as meditation)

The traditional yoga , Pranayama helps to balance our energy by regular practice.

Our Spontus Art ( is a simple yoga based on visual art ) helps us to achieve a balanced mind.

Practicing art as meditation One feels fresh as all the old thought patterns are merged in and one feels free from hold of old thought patterns .

With the help of meditation and understanding ( Gyan) anyone can feel their inner potential. Come & experience deeper silence and the joy of living in vitality.
The Aim of meditation is to be in the present activity with no thoughts of the past or future interfering. With Meditation A person learns to be in the present situation of Life with full of his / her vitality, If one knows to keep this vitality alive all the time, He has no worries about future.

“Do you wanna Design your Better future on your own?

Stop, calm down for a while, look what you are doing Now. Give your time to focus on yourself ( if you are reading this with attention you have already started to design) The Things what we are doing now is responsible for our future joy or sorrow “

Spend your time



The correction of past incidences is not in our hands, but it is possible to keep our self from the disturbing thoughts of past incidences, so the present life can be happy & can be lead with awareness. Meditation can heal or it can push those imprints to deep memory.
Short guided meditations with music, affirmations, commentary are used to focus our attention to our inner being (the energy source) which brings calmness and clarity . Meditation brings clarity so our expressions are very creative ,  It brings peace , calmness (enhances our understanding ability ) and silence.

Meditation is to feel the connection with our subtle energy centres ( inner chakras ) by gradually focusing our gross energies to finer vibrations by expanding gap between the thoughts. 

Now before going into the meditative art  process , it’s time to understand

What is meditation and what is not meditation?

Meditation implies Respecting, Being respectful to our self and to the whole nature. ( Meditation hints many meanings )

Meditation can change our perspective about our self and the mystical nature of Life all around us. It is not always easy to respect or value all the beings as the same as we value ourselves.
If at all anyone knows how to respect the body (the Biological Machine), the Mind (the program) and the being (the vital energy to make it run) will be knowing what life is as it is! and will not be in need of reading this.

It is about learning that there is nothing to learn to BE YOURSELF, But to unlearn all the ideas put from outside which made you not be YOURSELF takes enormous amount of Understanding.

Once a person tastes his original nature then the question- what is there to learn about ? completely vanishes !! he lives in his own Light.  Then there is possibility of being or existing  just

as natural as nature has made us – back to Eden Garden.

I am trying to point out.

Meditation is a word just to hint a state of being, To understand the exact meaning one has to feel by being in that state. The words presented here can bring a little understanding to inspire anyone to try for that Natural state.

To respect the body,  the mind (the program), the being and everything which is present – as  ” One whole living entity ” needs immense understanding. Being Meditative brings that understanding and clarity.

We are part of this one whole living unit – we all have our valuable roles to play, Is there a need to work for gaining special value for one self ?

There are People try hard to establish special recognition or gain some fame & respect and they know themselves very well that he/ she is the same old person even after achieving great fame. Only they are clever enough to convince some others to accept them as a better person.

 The self and non-self or whatever exists are equal in value, individually everyone’s functions are different but no one is any way special than the other.

It is like, A fore finger asks special respect because it thinks it has been used for many purposes. 


An individual making effort for being special is going to keep him away from his original Nature.

Respecting everything living and non-living exactly as you respect yourself is MEDITATION, those who know this, Knows the value of living Natural life.

“The Superior Man is all-embracing and not partial. The inferior man is partial and not all-embracing” – Confucius – Chinese social philosopher, whose teachings deeply influenced East Asian life

We throw out carbon di-oxide as waste but the plants value it for their survival and throws out oxygen. The cow eats grass and excretes out dung and A Dung beetle feasts on cow dung, it values it & lives in it for survival. So nothing goes as waste out of this existence. Man values many things beyond his basic needs. Once his survival needs are satisfied he can’t be quite he looks for culture, customs, Religion, Art, Music, intoxication and many more.. ,  for instance a person may be very particular about his Van Heusen trousers and his valuable decorative Rolex watch but A poor man values that person only for gaining some benefit from him to make his food, He least bothers what he wears & how he looks . So man spends enormous energy to satiate his aesthetic sense, social status and still many. It does not imply not be aesthetic but to understand its value and be happy , not to lose it for any reason. Today if you got to wear better and beautiful you can be happy and tomorrow if you haven’t got, is it going change a bit of you?. The body does not ask for beautiful clothes, It is going to digest , breath and will do all it’s functions exactly the same way , even if you wear simple clothes or any other. So people who wants to be healthy does not allow the mind to instruct.

What is the state of mind of a person who is in meditation ? Can meditation help in better Human relationship .

A person who is in meditation knows the feeling of all beings. It is An Understanding of all the pains and pleasures what you feel is the same for all the beings around you, even for the non living beings. Once people understand and value others feelings many human relationship problems will vanish. By sitting alone silently for a while many people could understand their limitations and emotions , After that they were able to relate with others better.

The final stage is beyond logical understanding he ( or she ) also feels the pain and pleasure of  all the others outside as his or hers as it is. The gender discrimination – He or She also vanishes for the meditator. He feels himself as a complete being free from all problems and solutions. Hence people called them Buddhas,  Liberated being, Atma Gyani, Jivan Muktha , Bhagwan , even Gods and they are also given titles like Sri Sri, JagadGuru, Sadhguru, Paramahamsa and many.. So we all human beings are longing to  free ourselves from Pain and Fear. Mostly people are Driven by Fear and Desires, not by love or willingness to co- exist. But living with other people and with all other life, and still being un- affected is what all religious scriptures mean Jivan Mukthi, Liberation.


Mostly people are Driven by Fear and Desires, not by love or willingness to co-exist. But living with other people and with all other creation of life and still being un- affected is what all religious scriptures mean Jivan Mukthi or Liberation.

Can meditation help to get rid of worry, depression, anger or any mental problems which bothers our daily life ?

All the meditation techniques, art therapy or any therapy , Prayers, chanting, Bhajans, Mantras, Tantras, Yantra, yoga, etc, to de-clutch from thoughts and bringing back oneself to the present situation. With meditation the body is at ease, mind is in peace, it is being in Bliss. Meditation makes the thoughts of worry, depression to loose it’s strength or any mental problem will loose its strength as we learn the knack of being aloof from the thoughts. Read more, the secrets of simplified Meditation revealed here.
The first step of Meditation is to understand what you are really now!

For now I don’t mean (with any religious ideas or spiritual connotation) knowing yourself as Soul nor I suggest to close the eyes and sit to realise inner self or inner Being.

First step is about Respecting The body and mind.

We imagine ourself as whatever we are now as a man / boy or woman or girl with a name, along with the experiences what we have gathered from outside.

A person collects information about plant life for years and calls himself a Botanist, when he learns how to express that information to young students then he becomes a teacher. By chance his mother ( in her village looks ) walks in his college class room  it creates an uncomfortable situation for him. He is in a teacher position and the moment he sees his mother he has to relate with her as a son. He has to switch from one identity to another instantly, In another instance if a person is in rage throwing things and shouting at someone at home and in that moment his loving friend appears there, it becomes difficult for him to look at his friend and relate as he was with him/ her earlier immediately.   So when we are very much attached to the identities it becomes difficult for spontaneous actions.

Actually we know our self not as these identities but as this body, not as a female or male person ( Those are the names we created for communication , A born child never knows himself as a boy until you program). If I ask you to see your hand, you just see a hand not with the thought “this is my hand” ,  If you are a Girl, you don’t see it as Girly hand. not a thought of gender arises then. Even the name – Hand also will not arise if we were not taught to name organs. then we just see as it is.
We, The Living Human bodies are carrying a Natural program ( we are constantly disturbing the functioning of the natural program) to function as a human creature not as any other creature, That we call as Human nature, the scriptures mention as MANUSHYA DHARMA. it says Man has to be in his Dharma that is the way for ecstatic and peaceful living. It doesn’t mean that everyone should find a religion to stick to and follow certain commandments which is again another conditioning. So to be in your DHARMA means just to be in your ORGANIC NATURE ( falling back to the natural program which is inherent in Human body, it has been disturbed by our social or all other man made conditioning)


 Using any ART we can attune with our inner and outer nature, But where do we find right guidance to use Art as meditation, who knows Art is not just for skill enhancing and money making ?

So if you are really looking for such guidance.  Here, We have our unique ZEN ART course and spontaneous Art Play program to help who is willing to expand , who is willing to accept the change which is happening constantly. But to let the change happen willingly is the problem for many.

Many are willing to accept the CHANGE which brings happiness, but the CHANGE which takes back its happiness is difficult to accept

Meditation (brings  a gap and acceptance) helps to allow change happily, willingly. This is what is all about meditation.

“Nothing is permanent except change”

The anger and the suffering body ! Is there a way to be free from this troubling Anger program ?

I like to call The Anger and all the named emotions as program, because we cannot get angry if we were not programmed in a certain way, similarly all the emotions can be triggered, controlled and subdued by programming the mind. So if one knows the knack of handling all these programs he / she can use anger as a tool to make something work for the benefit of all .

Now before knowing Anger, We should know the root of Anger and all other  emotions and intuitions.

Where is the root of all emotions ?


But where is the Mind to find the roots of anger ? Then we can try to handle it.

So it is essential to know what is Mind,

Is there a mind for which we are the owner ?. For this we have to understand about thoughts which we call the Mind.  We developed equipment to photograph only our body not the mind. No one has taken a photograph of any mind other than some kind of (kirlian) photos of aura body. Scientists have studied Brain waves when there are thoughts, when we are dreaming and when we are in deep sleep and recorded the different waves generated. We say my mind is disturbed when there is some disturbing thoughts going on in our system. So when there are thoughts we label as Mind.

Body responds for all the external stimulus (happenings outside) – sounds, light, heat, chillness, fragrance very instantly, but the thoughts (mind, old memory) can interfere the response, the bodily sensation is not felt fully because of constant thoughts going on in our heads. Social conditioning , the suppressed thoughts / emotions accumulate blocks in the body. If you cannot express through words what you want to say, you suppress it. (We all know we cannot express it on people by reacting all the time & it is not the wise way to react without thinking ) The suppressed energy is stored in the body and also becomes part of memory, we name it as anger and it gets more energy when we think about it , increasing the  Blood pressure & disturbs the body’s balance in many ways. It releases when you hit a pillow or throw it at someone who will not fight back. Once we are cool we may apologize, there we usually feel ourselves back to control , we usually refer that as “Back to his / her senses”.

So our senses function effectively if it is not triggered by intense thoughts. . It gets damaged when we use it in rage. Doctors agree more than 90 percent of diseases are mental. Rarely critical accidents happen in a person’s Life causing physical damages. Even accidents can be reduced if the mind functions effectively. Many unpleasant, fearsome events stored in our memory, keep emerging and thoughts of fear generated eats up our energy.


The moment someone asks to observe your Breathing, the Natural breathing stops and you start breathing with effort which disturbs the natural breathing system. ( you can try for your self just by observing your breath now & see the change, so far it was happening , now we are making it happen)

Allowing the body & mind to function in it’s Natural way is meditativeness

Kenfortes helps students , adults who are eager to know what is meditation and how meditation can help to be free from personal problems. Kenfortes offers SPONTANEOUS ART PLAY ,  the zen Art of painting as meditation– which is an easy way of getting back to your Balance & Stillness by playing with colors (no skill required).  

Those who are interested can contact to register for the SPONTANEOUS ART PLAY PROGRAM.

Knowing the sixth sense

Silence has its own music or its own vibration, We know our 5 senses, but yogis discovered the sixth sense within us , the sense of balance between the gross physical sense and the subtle. Experience of the inner senses is possible only in silence . Silence does not mean just keeping quite verbally , but it is about not bothering the visuals appear in the mind and no inner chattering .  The country in which many people has devoted  to the inner exploration is Tibet. Its findings are of tremendous value. 

Tibetan mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum.”is chanted to enter into a deep state of silence.  Om mani padme hum is one of the most beautiful expressions for the ultimate experience. Its meaning is “the sound of silence, the diamond in the Lotus.

If one is interested to experience the inner beauty of Silence They can try our MUSICAL ART PROGRAM.

Helps to come out of depression , family problems, Many working ladies and college girls who were experiencing hardship and depression tried and benefited. Corporate chief executives, bankers, directors enjoyed this program and all of them are at ease and jumped back to the routine with enthusiasm.

What is meditation and what is not meditation?

KenFortes art as meditation programs helps to experience –

painting for healing and therapy

zen art, zentangles, mandala drawing a means ( path) to yoga,  what is not meditation – Life’s every action can be a meditation and yoga.