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kenfortes online ART CLASS - color triangle - primary color mixing



kenfortes online ART CLASS - color triangle - primary color mixing



Art materials required for

Level 1

A4 size drawing note
kenfortes art class a4 drawing note

Brush pens - 24 shades

kenfortes camel brush pens

HB - Pencils for sketching

kenfortes art class - nataraj-pencils - for sketching and drawing

What is the process for providing quality art education for my child
Understanding, implementing and completing the required process

" More the eye level rises up, more expansive is the view"

Each level of the course elevates our vision to understand art better

Children Art course - 4 Levels




Children art course suits for children Age between 4 & 14 years (all levels)

Setting a strong foundation on visual skills

Learning fundamentals - basic visual elements

Playing with colors, exploring interesting color mixing - dry medium used.

Dry mediums - crayons, pastels, color pencils used for exercises





Understanding the visual art elements

2D Drawing & 2D Flat coloring

Playing with Colors - 2 color mixing , blending & over lapping techniques Applying the Color techniques on art works

Introducing Squangle* Art !

Squangle* Mosaic Art​!

*2 shape Pixel Art






Introduction to Creative Art

Intermediate 2 Introduces 3D Drawings , Shading & Modelling ( simple toy model sketching with shades)

3D Drawing & 3D ( adding depth) coloring

Playing more with Colors - 3 or more color mixing , blending & Layering techniques, wet on wet , wet on dry , dry on dry painting techniques
Applying the Color techniques on art works

Advanced Squangle! Art - 2 shape Pixel Art,

Symmetry drawing using Grids



Advanced Art

creating original Art

Creative Art

Drawing with more grids with diagonal method to enlarge and reduce an Art

Advanced techniques of sketching, painting, live model sketching, out door study with drawing and painting tips

Making original Art , understanding Expressive Art & Meditative Art

Mixed media experiments

Intensive art course

This is a short term visual art course of intensive drawing, sketching, painting sessions . suitable for adults and children who are looking for learning Art in a short vacation (short course duration – two months with 4 or 8 classes in a month, 2 to 3 hours per session) options – weekday or weekend art classes in Bangalore on availability.

children and adults - short term art courses
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3 funny dogs - kids crayon drawing - kenfortes online art class lessons level1


Regular children art class for age 4 to 14 years with 4 levels





A brief information on each level are given below
Level 1 deals the basics of children art course
Level 2 and 3 are intermediate levels guiding children towards 3 Dimensional art along with introducing Creative art
Level 4 deals with advanced techniques in handling shading pencils, brushes & also many other tools. Level 4 emphasizes more on creating original Art
lady with a basket of fruits - pencil shading - kenfortes children adults arts classes pencil drawing and painting classes india






  • Adult Art Courses – basic and advanced hobby art lessons
  • Professional art courses for college students and adults.
  • Art teacher training courses.
  • Hobby art and Meditative art courses are suitable for men , ladies , college students and corporate staffs
Generally children or adults at initial stages  may  not  try to create Art on their own.  But start to Draw by copying a picture and try to  reproduce the same as it is.
What blocks our creativity ?
If one is capable of exactly reproducing what he sees , as a realistic painting or a sketch, that Art work gets  parents and others appreciation (Commonly the Realistic Art (realism) is more easily appreciated). This taste of recognition makes them involve more in copying,  hardly allowing them to think beyond the routine and be imaginative or creative.
How to develop memory drawing skill and quick – fluent  sketching skills?
Many also ask , How can copying others Art works help me in developing drawing or painting skills ?
Copying or reproducing other artist’s art or copy drawing any 2D image from photo reference or art illustrations is part of visual art education to develop sketching fluency and Visual memory.
Unless we store these images or drawings in our visual memory bank , we cannot recreate anything on our own. So it is essential to copy others Art at initial stages.
This art lesson is to understand the techniques of the other Artist’s who copied from the nature or some other source.and simplified it in his style.
As we copy and draw any Art work we not only develop visual memory but also good hand control, eye , hand and mind co-ordination.
Later we start pondering, are we satisfied with copy drawing & imitating others art or just painting from nature as it is. (which is representational Art ).
Having developed Good hand control over sketching and painting can we consider ourselves as Creative Artists ?
As we explore with various techniques of Art we can understand control over sketching and painting alone is not satisfying, and The ART WORLD is more and more vast.
At a certain stage after working with different mediums we come to know that we are also interested in creating our own style of original artworks / Paintings, Abstract Art works, Cartoons, Creative Designs, Greeting cards, paper sculptures, installations and many more which gives us immense satisfaction.
I will discuss about creating original art works 
soon after sharing about copying skills.
 Now the essential Question is to know how copying drawing helps in Art education ?
While copying any others art work or Drawing from the Nature we start keenly observing, this enhances the Perceiving ability ( we start noticing many shades and tones in our own Hands colour, we start seeing many SHADES OF GREENS IN LEAVES and we observe the outline form (CONTOUR), color and texture of each object we see, ). Naturally  we develop sharp focus and enhanced visual memory & aesthetic sense. Copying Art definitely helps in developing Focus & concentration leading us to better  drawing and coloring skills.
Exceptionally some children or Art lovers try to experiment with their own ideas & create unique art piece for which they may grab less attention, because the first creation may not be appealing to the viewers interest. And it always takes time for the mind  to accept the new. 
Some parents are open to accept children art as it is, though it is not visually appealing and they also encourage them to create original Art along with copying. At Kenfortes , students are guided to do both. Initially techniques are given to develop the drawing and painting skills and later projects are given to develop creative thinking & visualize ideas to create original paintings (CREATIVE THINKING INVOLVES – THINKING IN VISUALS & COMPOSING IMAGES MENTALLY ALONG A CONCEPT )
Everyday things around us normally don’t draw our attention. We tend to gloss over the things that we see. However, before we try to reproduce any other art or an image, we begin to observe the painting/ image in a different way altogether.
This simple act of observation helps to DEVELOP FOCUS , ATTENTION SPAN and AESTHETIC SENSE. 
The first step in visual Arts is observing the world without any imposed ideas, which helps the art student to register the pictures in his memory screen clearly. After observation process is over our Mind will start to formulate how to draw, There our mind simplifies those colored images from the memory screen as simple forms & lines (line drawings).
The second step of Drawing (as a reproducing Art) is Training our hands to move in tune with the mind screen pictures ( forms / lines)
So when we start reproducing or drawing we develop mind , eye , hand coordination and control , patience and confidence to pursue art. 
Relating with colors
click here to read the simple definition of ART, which makes painting easier 
What is color, color temperature, color theory ?
The colors we see all around helps to differentiate one object with the other. That is the Main purpose of colors to exist. Other than that, The likes and dislikes of colors, triggering of emotions when you look at colors is mainly because of our past association of events with colors. So the study of color psychology and color therapy,  art therapy came into play to help people who are stuck with colors and feelings. Otherwise colors just help to differentiate with the neighboring object. Humans associate colors with feelings for example. We call Blue as a cool
warm and cool colors
color. The sea looks blue and the nature of water is coolness, so we associate Blue with coolness. The Fire and the Hot Sun is red / orange / yellow in color we call red, orange , yellow as warm or Hot colors, we termed this as  COLOR Temperature adding spice to our imagination.  Similarly we have associated feelings with colors and some call black is a BAD color, but some others tell Black gives them relaxation and gives them private space, some call RED is aggressive some other feel RED as a COLOR OF ACTION.
The color therapy can help to understand one’s feelings relating with colors. The Likes and dislikes of colors will also reveal certain nature of a person which a color therapist can assess in the color therapy session. They also use colored lights to alleviate pain in the body and for some other purposes.
The color theory is about understanding the Nature of  various Color mediums, the study of primary, secondary, tertiary colors in pigments and light and understanding various other color combinations. Knowing about color tones, shades, tints, color blending, mixing and exploring different paint mediums and various painting techniques.
By attending kenfortes art courses, Art lovers can study – How our mind separates all the complex color combinations into basic individual colors and about color compositions. One can learn more deeply about colors and its usage in paintings during color theory class.
What are imagination and visualization?
What is creativity? can creativity be taught?
Can art be used as therapy and for relaxation?
How art therapist use painting as meditation?
Why do some art teachers ask to repeat the same drawing several times and they also conduct sketching & painting courses separately, but can we learn the art of pencil sketching and painting comprehensively?
Come & discuss with the Artist, Watch All these questions disappear !
cuba cafe tin pencil shading by kenfortes student
Our Art school name
Kenfortes represents strength of perceiving ,
ken means perceiving fortes is strength.
We all are capable of seeing but an art student has to learn to perceive without preimposed ideas.
Original creations will bring more joy and satisfaction than reproductions. The drawing skill we gained from copying will be supportive, But for creating original art just the drawing, painting & tool handling skills are not sufficient,
kenfortes pen and pencil shading
We need training for visualization with clear perception and a mentor to inspire towards the creative aspect.
We at KENFORTES art school emphasize children &  mentor adult students to be original in creating their art. Our training educates children and adults the aesthetic way of observing the outer world, it includes methods to visualize the feelings from the observed & express it in their own strokes & colors along with technical skill.
We also teach how to use Art as meditation (zentangles, zen painting ), a tool to relax and reconnect within and to be more spontaneous.
Short Art courses
This is a short term visual art course of intensive drawing, sketching, painting sessions suitable for adults and children who are looking for learning Art in a short vacation (short course duration – two months  with 4 or 8 classes in a month, 2 to 3 hours per session)  options – weekday or weekend art classes in bangalore on availability.
Regular Art courses
This is a long term course of many levels (Each level duration – minimum five months  with 4 classes in a month, 2 hours per session)  options – weekday or weekend art classes in bangalore on availability.
Level 1
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A five months foundation in 2D Drawing, Tracing, Flat Colouring techniques using Color Pencils & Crayons. students are encouraged to do free drawing  ( drawing from imagination, kids around 4 years of age do stick like figures for humans and animals will be in simple circles and rectangles)
. Introduction to Paper Crafts. Mediums / tools used – sketching pencils, medium soft erasers, color pencils, crayons, sketch pens or fine marker pen, glue and scissor.
Level 2 
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Students move to Level 2, learning large format drawings, simple 3 Dimensional drawings & shading, picture composition using different mediums like shading Pencils, Colour Pencils, charcoal sticks & Oil Pastels. students will be creating their own stories with their illustrations.
Level 3
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Along with 3D drawings students learn colour composition & background creation. Enlarging, Reducing a picture using grids, Water Colours, Pastels, Advanced Pencil Shading are introduced. 3D paintings using collage and projection from the canvas
Adult Art Course
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Adult Art Course Registration
Abstract art, decorative  Art, perspective drawings, free hand sketching, still life model drawing, portrait sketching from live model, Advanced Pencil shading, How to paint creative original art, colour theory & other techniques using Water Colours, poster colors, acrylics  & Pastels. 3 dimensional paintings using acrylic texture white ( gives semi sculpture effect which projects out of the canvas )
Mediums we use in our Art class – drawing grade pencils HB to 10 B, charcoal sticks, technical pen, sketch/ marker pens, crayons, colour pencils, oil pastels, soft pastels.
Liquid mediums –  Indian ink, watercolors, poster/ tempera colors, acrylics, enamel, oil paints, transparent glass paints, photo colors and more.
Collage – paper, corrugated cardboard, sand, glass, wood, metal, plastic, etc..
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Crash course
SUMMER & WINTER ART COURSES / ART CAMPS – children Art & crafts camps, kids art activity camps.
A short term exclusive kids art course includes Clay modeling, Paper Crafts, puppets, Pop up Greeting Cards, Collage, Wall Hanging and more.
Advanced Art courses 
Art as therapy and meditation, Spontaneous art play – a course which helps to express one’s inner emotions & relaxes. color therapy observing colors to revive your healing force.
Modern & Contemporary art study using watercolors, acrylic, oil paints, outdoor sketching.
Fabric designing & Decorative glass art.
Enquire by phone to enroll this 2019 summer art camps at JP Nagar, Jayanagar, Btm Layout, Vijaya bank layout Bannerghatta road.
Individual care with unique techniques to suit all kind of people. Every year Children art exhibitions organised to honour / recognize student skills &  inspire new beginners. Over 20 years of experience in Children art education makes our art class simply unique & one can experience this in the trial class. The satisfied parents, existing & old students appreciate  our standard of teaching &  help beginners to identify quality Art schools. Click to know about Art education
special short art courses for adult’s –  Drawing classes focusing live model portrait sketching (boy or girl models- there are many professional models who will pose for artists or art students ), pencil shading, outdoor sketching , pen & ink, soft pastels , oil pastels, charcoal , Indian ink drawing, camel photo colors, watercolors (can use Winsor & Newton , Daler Rowney or camel artist’s quality) on handmade papers, mixed media collage. oil painting on canvas Alla prima – A single stretch painting on wet on wet. art classes starting at Mysore and Hosur, children of Mysore can enjoy the art courses from artist Suresh direct from Kenfortes Bangalore, for more details contact kenfortes -Mysore.