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- Art Class Works
Dalmation- pencil shading by Jhanavi, kenfortes art academy - global art standard -advanced arts classes india children art - drawing sketching lessons
Pencil shading by Jhanavi-
kenfortes student since 2020
TOUCAN - acrylic painting retouch in digital microsoft paint - BY Kenfortes online kids art class with global children art standards
Digital Art-
kenfortes Art academy

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Children Art Course Levels

LEVEL 1 & 2

Children art class
Fundamentals and
Intermediate (i-1 )


Children art class
Intermediate (i-2 )


Advanced art

Adults & children


Advanced art

Adults & children

Children Comic Books - illustrated by kids

kenfortes how to make creative art- global standard art class for children - worldwide online

How To Make Creative Art

Kids creative skills enhance naturally! by practicing
Kenfortes creative visualization techniques

how-to-draw-toucan-in-2-minutes- and anything -kenfortes-online-kids-art-classes-level-2-kids-art-lesson-4

How To Draw Anything

in minutes!
See how to draw Toucan and other Drawing lessons for kids.
Children can draw anything easily with little encouragement
Kids enjoy making art as a creative process,
Kenfortes drawing methods unveils the creative learning.


kenfortes art academy - bangalore - global art standards children art class with 4 levels - what is process art

What is process Art

The process of Art making itself is more effectual
and enjoyable than the resulting product
Moreover, the Process Art is not just making Art but also includes many simple processes that helps to express ourselves through our art.
kenfoartes art academy international children standard premium visual art courses - kids process art

Children Art Gallery

The original Art of children radiates innocence, and their Art is an expression of emotions - one can connect and feel by observing their Art
Kenfortes art academy offering
visual arts educational services since 1996
Sections Of Visual Art
Essential Art
Creative Art
Expressive Art
Meditative Art
Spontus* Art
A spontaneous Yogic Visual Art -
A life essential Art for the present time - Spontus! Art Resets the mind
Children Art
Professional Art
Adult's Art
Purpose Of Art
Art in Education
Art in Profession & Business
Art in Life & Applied art in Life
Demand For Art
Fullfilled by
Art Teachers in Education field
Artists in Many Design field & Professions
Art Therapists in clinical Healing Aids
Art as Meditation Aids in Self Healing, the most need of this Time

what is process art

A Process leads to a Product - is a general understanding.
But the Process Art, brings us an understanding that the art produced as a product is not the end goal, but a beginning for a new process.
Learning the process of Tidying up the workspace is part of the program, which helps children to learn self-organize . More can be explored in the Art Process sessions - Welcome

what is creative art

Creative art involves Visualizing an idea , incorporating visuals matching to the visualized idea, and making them into an Art by sketching , painting or pasting as a collage or however the artist feels to do.
Basically Creating an Art with your ideas, rather than just copying another art or depicting a subject as it is seen can be a creative art.
global children art classes - worldwide kids online premium art class with structure that gives maximum freedom to explore all mediums of visual art
what do children wish to do in art class?
children wish a creative art environment and mentoring