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A Meditative person sees everything as fresh as the first time he saw. He does not bring the old ideas or memories when he is in the same situation again. suppose he sees a tree (which he has seen many a times before) , he sees it as if he is seeing it for the first time in his life. so he registers the details of the present tree just like a camera does, without bringing old scenes of that tree unless there is a need for old memories. So every moment as it passes he lets that memory settle deep inside so that old memory does not emerge to present situations. but he can access them for some needful purpose.

About the meditation classes
All meditation is to make the connection happen with our subtle energy centres ( inner chakras ) by gradually focusing our gross energies to finer vibrations by expanding gap between the thoughts. It is Balancing our subtle energy with the physical.
The traditional yoga , Pranayama helps to bring such balance with lot of effort. But with our Easy yoga or art as meditation One feels so fresh as all the old thought patterns are finished or hold of thought is no more there, with the help of meditation and understanding Gyan. Come & experience deeper silence and the joy of living in vitality.
The Aim of meditation is to be in the present activity with no mental thoughts of the past or future. With Meditation A person learns to be in the present situation of Life with full of his / her vitality, If one knows to keep this vitality alive all the time, Then will he bother about future? The future is being designed by us, By what we are doing NOW. The Things what we are doing now is responsible for our future joy full or sorrow full life. The correction of past incidences is not in our hands, but it is possible to keep our self from the disturbing thoughts of past incidences, so the present life can be happy & can be lead with awareness. Meditation can heal or it can push those imprints to deep memory.
Short guided meditations with music, affirmations, commentary are used to focus our attention to our inner being (the energy source) which aligns our physical body, mental body, pranic body, subtle-light body and Bliss body (Anandha) brings balance in expressing, brings peace , calmness (enhances our understanding ability ) and silence.

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