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Class frequency – once a week
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pencil-shading-FLOWERS - level 2 art lessons-kenfortes art classes online offline art courses for children adults

color theory for kids

colors in shapes & forms & contours

elements in front & back

creating back grounds

color triangle

coloring methods

drawing elements far & near

back ground colors & elements

drawing faces

drawing face in 3 views

color combinations

simplified drawings

About Colors

Title- kids Color Theory

Kids color theory begins with learning Color Triangle with 3 primary colors.

Kids start with minimal colors. Providing them with more shades of color pencils or paints motivates to explore many shades and tints (pastel colors ). 

Grade coloring on Fish

Coloring Flat & in Grades

Title - kids Color Theory
Lesson - Coloring Methods & techniques

To color in Flat way without any color variations / grades inside the Abstract Patterns 

Kids can use HB pencil to draw the abstract patter

color triangle - color theory - kenfortes art class children adults painting courses all levels & summer winter art crafts camps

Color Triangle -

Title - kids Color Theory
Lesson - 3 Primary colors - Red, Yellow, Blue

What you will learn –

Mixing 2 primary colors each other

understanding the different shades of secondary color formation .

Medium to use – color pencils or crayons or oil pastels .

color triangle - primary - tint, tone, shades - kenfortes art children class -summer kids arts crafts classes online offline

Color Triangle -

Title - kids Color Theory
Lesson - Tints , shades , tones of a Color

Understanding Tones, Tints & Shades of  a Color. Kids will learn to mix Tints, Tones & Shades of a particular color .

Medium to use – color pencils or crayons or oil pastels .

Color Combination exercise

Title - Color combination experiment by student

To color in Flat way inside the Abstract Patterns for the sky background

Hot air balloon -crayon art - kenfortes visual arts academy online kids summer arts / crafts classes UK USA india

Drawing Hot Air Balloon - Simplified

Its is easy to Draw the Hot Air Balloon in few minutes with  the easy steps given  

how to draw boy & girls face in 1 minute - kenfortes art class -children summer winter painting camps art lesson

how to draw faces

Drawing faces in front and side views

how to draw faces

Drawing front and side views of a face

how to draw a joker toy

Drawing in side the box.

A student's drawing

The joker Drawing by Vivaan- Dallas, USA

with Digital Coloring . 

how to draw Rainbow

Guess – how many colors were used in this rainbow

1- RED



Crayon Art

Drawing Lions and coloring using crayons. Steps in online art class.

wind surfing drawing with pastels coloring - kenfortes kids summer arts crafts camps india

Drawing wind surfing - Simplified

We can Draw the wind surfer in few minutes with easy steps 

paper crafts - kenfortes children summer painting arts and crafts camp

Paper Crafts

How to handle scissors and cut hard chart sheets .

How to cut curves and stick without mess

how to create projected effect – 3D by pasting techniques 

Neighbourhood scene

This fabulous scene created in art class with little guidance.


Abstract Painting

Kids create naturally abstract art without much instructions . their patterns are different than adults and they produce unique patterns & color combinations.



Simplified drawing

Drawings are Simplified with easy steps and children are encouraged to create & add their own background