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the art students of kenfortes shared their views
the art students of kenfortes shared their views on their art classes with kenfortes suresh artist

Priya R
a week ago
This is Priya lives in Bangalore found ‘Kenfortes Art School’ an ideal place for developing our artistic skills. Here we learn to observe, imagine, visualise and ultimately express it in our own strokes and colours using perfect technical skills. This process helps us find beauty in each and every object around us and we are capable of composing the pictures . Its truly a unique way of learning art. Thanks to our art teacher Mr. Suresh very creative and dedicated personality who guides his students in learning art in very perfect way.

  Hi this is vishal (age 23). I am interested in drawing and painting classes..I gone through the paintings and especially the blog portion…”what is an art”…such a beautiful and logical words to define art, going through these words automatically opens the new horizon in a mind.  

kavitha muthuvelan
I have joined in a course called Art therapy. In my 1st day class I have thought its going to be like usual drawing or painting class but I had a different experience. I by myself explored the tools / paints with full of my consciousness and I could able to bring out my imaginative power which was hidden since long. This Art class is not only to train your hand but to mould your thoughts. In other words we can put it as “learning Art as meditation”. This is really Amazing. Within 10 days of my course I could manage to draw a diagonal composition in a 16″ × 20″ canvas sheet using acrylic colours which is Titled as “Bird of paradise”. It took around 10 hrs for me to complete the same.
Main highlight in my Art class ( Kenfortes Art school) was there is no spoon feeding by my teacher Mr Suresh. He instructed me to do some colour merging technique just by word of mouth and I tried the same by experimenting by myself with different colours and the output was really awesome and satisfactory. I joined this course with no expectation and with no knowledge of painting but now I am in a state that even I could produce good master piece in future and I could really make my family members proud. All credit goes to my teacher Mr Suresh Kenfortes Art school Bangalore.
suresh kumar
Hi, Kavitha I read your thoughts about our art class, Thanks. My focus is to help the art lovers to enjoy the process of painting than to produce master pieces. Now I am getting many people who are interested to use Art as a medium to relax, so I have designed this art program as a relaxing meditation and for children as an spontaneous art play, I have also included zentangles or zen art and art therapy, I believe you will explore all the courses and will understand the purpose of Art is to push oneself back to their original nature. The person of original natural state will appreciate everything not excluding anything, he will feel- where is not beauty? beauty is all over! keep painting
This is Namratha, residing in bengaluru, was looking for an art class and I found one “kenfortes art school”, where we will learn” realistic art”, which no one has done before using “Acrylic colours”, which improves our ideas and representation of things.., and Mr.Suresh, the art teacher is highly dedicated to teaching , which makes us to create more interest and to learn in depth….hats off sir…  

rajshri satish
This academy has made me love art. For a thumbs person like me., even holding a pencil is a bit difficult and made me scared but this academy improved me so much that now i feel like doing more and more. Here every student is given that one on one attention which is almost impossible to get elsewhere. here i’m doing visual arts. As we know visual arts is something which we only see but its something what we actually perceive using our senses. this is one place where I rediscover myself every time in a good way. I enjoy so much that I don’t even know how the time goes by. A very good place to enjoy, learn, produce art!!

Hi, myself Veena this is my first visit to Kenfortes and it’s very positive here!
2 years ago
This is not yet another art class done at your nearby next doors, amateurs or by home makers. Kenfortes is inspired to take art to/from the young ones appreciating art in whatever form they are. They have a unique art course called “spontaneous art play” which makes my children to await for the day to attend, who never shown such eagerness for other classes. This is the only art institute which conducts yearly art exhibitions for children, displaying original art by them. I joined my kids to this art class after thorough research and I was happy that I could get in touch with the director of Kenfortes himself to discuss more on my kid’s talent even before joining the school (which is unlikely possible elsewhere). I just don’t feel satisfied getting answers someone from administration or front-end guys. Art sir, with lots of talent behind his one and half decade of experience in teaching children and adults, he approaches each student in a unique way. Children psychology is one of his natural talent and is a banner for him. Anyone can Google kenfortes art  to get more information about this art school and its painting classes/ kids and adults courses

Hi Sir, Earlier I have taken few oil painting classes with some other teachers, so I like to try any advanced oil painting courses if you offer, I observed Your students art from your websites kenfortes and kalamandir which seems to be different and vividly colorful and child like art. I would like to learn these oil painting techniques as well, and I am seeing many acrylic paintings which is well sketched and composed. if you could provide me the acrylic painting course details also it will be easy to decide. Thanks lakshana jp nagar

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