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I have been attending Kenfortes art classes since 2021, beginning my art journey from intermediate level and now I am journeying towards advance level.
My father's words to my Art sir - " She is highly interested in realistic shading and enjoys painting. With the guidance of her art Guru Mr. Suresh, she is able to reach high feats in the field of art. She takes this quote stated by the famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh as her motivations to art -

" There is no blue without yellow and without orange ”

- This quote motivates her by stating that life is an interplay of colours , thus further inspiring her to play with colours . Even though she is a student of class 10 she rarely misses her art class and always looks forward for the upcoming class and does all her artwork with calmness and patience. Through art she conveys her emotions and feelings. She believes that the secret to master art is patience, self-trust and unlocking our creativity which is locked in oneself. And that art is a talent that can be mastered by all with practice. She wishes to journey uphill in art with the guidance of her guru.
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